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York University Yeomen (EX) vs. Cornell University Big Red

York 2 - Cornell 7

Lynah Rink, Ithaca, NY
Date: Saturday, October 19, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM
Attendance: 4,008

Referee: Alex Dell, Peter Feola
Assistant Referees: Michael Emanatian, Andy Petrus

Shots On Goal

York University Goalie Saves
Andrew Perugini (L)1316174660:0077.000.868

Cornell University Goalie Saves
Andy Iles (W)17840:0000.001.000
Mitch Gillam0020:0026.000.000
Power Plays
York:1 / 5
Cornell:4 / 9
York:12 / 24:00
Cornell:9 / 29:00

Game Summary
2:11 YORK Penalty: Mark Cross (High-Sticking)2:00
4:14 COR Penalty: Armand de Swardt (Served by Jake Weidner) (Contact To the Head-Elbowing)5:00
4:14 COR Penalty: Armand de Swardt (Game Misconduct)10:00
8:44 YORK Penalty: Adam Logozzo (Hooking)2:00
10:36 COR Penalty: John McCarron (Charging)2:00
11:28 COR Goal: Cole Bardreau SHG 4x5 (Madison Dias)0 - 1
12:54 COR Penalty: Eric Freschi (Cross-Checking)2:00
15:39 COR Goal: Teemu Tiitinen (Jake Weidner)0 - 2
18:47 COR Penalty: Dustin Mowrey (Roughing)2:00
18:47 COR Penalty: Madison Dias (Roughing)2:00
18:47 COR Penalty: Madison Dias (Roughing)2:00
18:47 YORK Penalty: Michael Lombardi (Roughing)2:00
18:47 YORK Penalty: Michael Lombardi (Roughing)2:00
18:47 YORK Penalty: Paul Sohor (Roughing)2:00
18:47 YORK Penalty: Shayne Rover (Roughing)2:00
19:22 COR Goal: Cole Bardreau GWG PPG 5x4 (Joel Lowry, Patrick McCarron)0 - 3
4:50 YORK Penalty: Troy Barss (Charging)2:00
5:25 COR Goal: John Knisley PPG 5x4 (Dustin Mowrey, Kirill Gotovets)0 - 4
8:14 YORK Penalty: Troy Barss (Hooking)2:00
8:49 COR Goal: Christian Hilbrich PPG 5x4 (Cole Bardreau, Jacob MacDonald)0 - 5
12:03 YORK Penalty: Troy Barss (High-Sticking)2:00
19:54 COR Penalty: Brian Ferlin (Tripping)2:00
0:59 YORK Goal: Troy Barss PPG 5x4 (John de Gray, Jeremie Perron)1 - 5
3:51 YORK Penalty: Troy Barss (Cross-Checking)2:00
5:39 COR Goal: Madison Dias PPG 5x4 (Kirill Gotovets, Dustin Mowrey)1 - 6
5:53 COR Penalty: Clint Lewis (Interference)2:00
10:44 YORK Penalty: Tyler McGee (Cross-Checking)2:00
13:57 COR Goal: Madison Dias (Eric Freschi)1 - 7
15:00 YORK Penalty: Chad Hohmann (Slashing)2:00
19:23 YORK Goal: John de Gray (Unassisted)2 - 7

Cornell University
# Player Pos Scoring
3Reece Willcox LD0-0-0
6Holden Anderson RD0-0-0
7Jake Weidner LW0-1-1
9Christian Hilbrich C1-0-1
10Madison Dias LW2-1-3
11Eric Freschi RW0-1-1
12John Knisley C1-0-1
14John McCarron (C)RW0-0-0
15Rodger Craig RD0-0-0
16Matt Buckles RW0-0-0
17Brian Ferlin RW0-0-0
18Armand de Swardt LW0-0-0
19Teemu Tiitinen D1-0-1
20Dustin Mowrey C0-2-2
21Clint Lewis RD0-0-0
22Cole Bardreau (A)C2-1-3
23Jacob MacDonald LD0-1-1
24Kirill Gotovets LD0-2-2
26Jeff Kubiak F0-0-0
27Patrick McCarron RD0-1-1
28Joel Lowry LW0-1-1
30Ryan Coon G0-0-0
32Mitch Gillam G0-0-0
33Andy Iles (A)G0-0-0
York University
# Player Pos Scoring
1George Grammenopoulos G0-0-0
2Branden Morris D0-0-0
4Tyler Mort RD0-0-0
5Jeremie Perron LD0-1-1
7Michael Lombardi LW0-0-0
12John de Gray LD1-1-2
14Adam Logozzo LW0-0-0
15Andrew Clouthier RW0-0-0
16Chad Hohmann LW0-0-0
17Sam Gilbert RD0-0-0
18Mark Cross C0-0-0
19Troy Barss C1-0-1
20Paul Sohor RD0-0-0
22Shayne Rover LD0-0-0
23Bryan Weinberg RW0-0-0
24Jordan Merante C0-0-0
26Evan Gravenor LW0-0-0
27Jordan Forfar RW0-0-0
28Tyler McGee C0-0-0
35Andrew Perugini G0-0-0
71Jesse Messier RW0-0-0