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Cornell University Big Red vs. Quinnipiac University Bobcats (ECAC)

Cornell 2 - Quinnipiac 3 (2OT)

TD Banknorth Sports Center, Hamden CT
ECAC Quarterfinal Game 3
Date: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Time: 7:30 PM
Attendance: 3,222

Referee: Scott Whittemore, Peter Feola
Assistant Referees: Justin Prusak, Jim Briggs

Shots On Goal

Cornell University Goalie Saves
Andy Iles (L)781715136094:0831.910.952

Quinnipiac University Goalie Saves
Eric Hartzell11351949:1622.440.905
Empty Net000:0200.00---
Eric Hartzell119:1502.050.909
Empty Net000:2300.00---
Eric Hartzell (W)081935:1201.280.935
Power Plays
Cornell:0 / 4
Quinnipiac:0 / 5
Cornell:7 / 14:00
Quinnipiac:6 / 12:00

Game Summary
0:48 COR Goal: Braden Birch (Dustin Mowrey, Joakim Ryan)1 - 0
4:02 COR Penalty: Joel Lowry (Served by John Knisley) (Hitting From Behind)2:00
9:16 QU Penalty: Bryce Van Brabant (Charging)2:00
16:04 QU Penalty: Jeremy Langlois (Cross-Checking)2:00
18:38 COR Penalty: Brian Ferlin (Cross-Checking)2:00
18:38 QU Penalty: Connor Jones (Embellishment)2:00
0:46 QU Penalty: Jeremy Langlois (Holding)2:00
1:39 COR Penalty: John McCarron (Tripping)2:00
5:21 QU Penalty: Mike Dalhuisen (Boarding)2:00
9:44 QU Goal: Zach Tolkinen (Unassisted)1 - 1
10:48 COR Goal: Brian Ferlin (Unassisted)2 - 1
12:13 COR Penalty: John Knisley (Cross-Checking)2:00
16:09 COR Penalty: Brian Ferlin (Interference)2:00
0:53 COR Penalty: Nick D'Agostino (Interference)2:00
0:53 QU Penalty: Travis St. Denis (Embellishment)2:00
9:18 COR Penalty: Dustin Mowrey (Roughing)2:00
18:56 QU Goal: Clay Harvey EAG (Jeremy Langlois, Jordan Samuels-Thomas)2 - 2
No scoring or penalties
14:08 QU Goal: Kevin Bui GWG (Loren Barron, Ben Arnt)2 - 3

Cornell University
# Player Pos Scoring
3Reece Willcox RD0-0-0
5Joakim Ryan RD0-1-1
6Nick D'Agostino (C)LD0-0-0
7Braden Birch (C)LD1-0-1
8Gavin Stoick LD0-0-0
9Christian Hilbrich LW0-0-0
10Madison Dias RW0-0-0
11Vince Mihalek C0-0-0
12John Knisley C0-0-0
14John McCarron RW0-0-0
15Rodger Craig LW0-0-0
16Greg Miller C0-0-0
17Brian Ferlin RW1-0-1
18Armand de Swardt RW0-0-0
20Dustin Mowrey C0-1-1
23Jacob MacDonald RD0-0-0
26John Esposito LW0-0-0
28Joel Lowry LW0-0-0
31Omar Kanji G0-0-0
33Andy Iles G0-0-0
Quinnipiac University
# Player Pos Scoring
2Mike Dalhuisen RD0-0-0
3Zach Davies LD0-0-0
4Loren Barron LD0-1-1
6Cory Hibbeler C0-0-0
7Ben Arnt C0-1-1
9Kevin Bui LW1-0-1
10Connor Jones C0-0-0
11Russell Goodman RW0-0-0
12Bryce Van Brabant LW0-0-0
15Kellen Jones RW0-0-0
17Jeremy Langlois C0-1-1
19Jordan Samuels-Thomas RW0-1-1
20Matthew Peca LW0-0-0
22Dan Federico LD0-0-0
23Zack Currie RD0-0-0
24Travis St. Denis RW0-0-0
27Zach Tolkinen RD1-0-1
33Eric Hartzell G0-0-0
34Michael Garteig G0-0-0
35Jacob Meyers G0-0-0
39Clay Harvey LW1-0-1