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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Engineers (ECAC) vs. Cornell University Big Red

Rensselaer 2 - Cornell 3

Lynah Rink, Ithaca, NY
Date: Saturday, February 19, 2000
Time: 7:00 PM
Attendance: 3,824

Referee: Joel Dupree
Assistant Referees: Jeff Fulton, Peter Feola

Shots On Goal

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Goalie Saves
Scott Prekaski (L)1919205859:1633.040.951
Empty Net000:4400.00---

Cornell University Goalie Saves
Matt Underhill (W)6962160:0022.000.913
Power Plays
Rensselaer:0 / 1
Cornell:1 / 4
Rensselaer:4 / 8:00
Cornell:1 / 2:00

Game Summary
7:50 COR Penalty: Shane Palahicky (Hooking)2:00
10:42 RPI Goal: Keith Dupee (Brad Tapper, Matt Murley)1 - 0
16:53 RPI Penalty: Keith Dupee (Interference)2:00
0:05 RPI Goal: Jared Reigstad (Steve Caley)2 - 0
2:44 COR Goal: Andrew McNiven (Krzysztof Wieckowski, Sam Paolini)2 - 1
3:07 RPI Penalty: Carson Butterwick (Hooking)2:00
5:27 COR Goal: Frank Kovac (Shane Palahicky, Matt McRae)2 - 2
16:31 RPI Penalty: Jared Reigstad (Roughing)2:00
18:30 COR Goal: Doug Stienstra GWG PPG 5x4 (Larry Pierce, Mark McRae)2 - 3
19:48 RPI Penalty: Steve Munn (Delay Of Game)2:00
No scoring or penalties

Cornell University
# Player Pos Scoring
1Matt Underhill G0-0-0
3Ryan Moynihan (A)F0-0-0
4David Adler D0-0-0
6Doug Murray D0-0-0
7Danny Powell D0-0-0
8Mike Rutter F0-0-0
10Andrew McNiven F1-0-1
12Doug Stienstra (C)F1-0-1
14Krzysztof Wieckowski F0-1-1
15David Kozier F0-0-0
16Frank Kovac F1-0-1
17Matt McRae F0-1-1
19Denis Ladouceur F0-0-0
20Shane Palahicky F0-1-1
21Stephen Bâby F0-0-0
22Rick Sacchetti D0-0-0
24Larry Pierce F0-1-1
25Sam Paolini F0-1-1
29Mark McRae D0-1-1
30Chris Gartman G0-0-0
31Ian Burt G0-0-0
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
# Player Pos Scoring
3Hamish Cunning D0-0-0
4Glenn Coupal D0-0-0
5Francois Senez D0-0-0
8Chris Migliore F0-0-0
10Nolan Graham F0-0-0
12Jim Henkel F0-0-0
13Andrew McPherson F0-0-0
14Doug Shepherd F0-0-0
16Mike Duffy F0-0-0
17Jared Reigstad D1-0-1
18Keith Dupee F1-0-1
19Matt Murley F0-1-1
20Joel Laing G0-0-0
23Steve Caley F0-1-1
24Jim Vickers D0-0-0
25Steve Munn D0-0-0
27Marc Cavosie LW0-0-0
28Carson Butterwick RW0-0-0
31Scott Prekaski G0-0-0
52Brad Tapper F0-1-1